David Corbett edited the first 50 of our first novel, still unpublished. As the editors of Thuglit say, “A good editor will make you feel stupid.” ¬†Yep. Aside from the valuable critique and great lessons on how to tighten up those damn dangling modifiers, David was enthusiastic about the story, enjoyed our characters, and was generally positive about our prospects.


short story

Although the draft of our first novel seems in an endless revision cycle, we have begun a draft for a second novel as a sequel to the first. We’ve also just competed a short story, about 6K words right now. Our character Tru gets entangled in a kinky circus. We will post what it’s like to submit short stories to mystery magazines, anyone have information to share?

sisters in crime

Sisters ( & Misters) in Crime is a great organization for getting to know other genre writers in your area. We just joined the Guppies, a writing and info branch of sisters for as yet unpublished writers. Gigi Pandian highly recommended the Guppies getting one’s sea legs when entering the waters of publishing.