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Sisters in Crime Nor-cal Anthology

Such a great prompt, FAULTLINES. We wrote two stories about Tru. Fingers crossed. If you are a member of the Nor-Cal chapter you can submit a short story for consideration of inclusion in the upcoming anthology. Deadline April 1, no joke!


log line

True Calling is a 95,000-word mystery in which Tru James, a sculptor with a day job in construction, takes on a job cleaning out the San Francisco apartment of a deceased man as well as another task in assessing a burnt down house where a woman died in the fire. Suspicious of the circumstances, Tru investigates their stories but his newfound talent for crime solving alerts those who will do anything to keep the truth buried.

Too Good to be True (in print!)

Hot off the Presses! I am so excited that our story is FEATURED in Mystery Weekly Magazine this month.
A total surprise we are the feature and the pulp fiction circus cover says it all. FYI: Mark and I are co-writers with the nom de plume, C.M. West.

The story features our artist sleuth, Tru Jameson. After the events of the novel, Tru is now getting the hang of this detective thing, but he’s soon dowsed in a cold bucket of reality when he runs to help Evie out of a jam involving an erotic circus up in Portland.
Now, fingers crossed we get novel published soon.

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